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Diverse business needs?

Smart Value – provides a unique and extrmely valuable set of services to it’s partners.

Smart Value – is a one stop partner for evertyhing your business needs in the world of modern traiding.

Smart Value – works hard to help your business reach prosperity and thrive.

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Discover a professional partner in:

Food products

A vast selection of high quality of  super foods, nuts, dired fruits, seasonings.


Well known brands ready to ship and to meet any demand.


If it is on the market – we can supply it for you

Private label

A one stop shop for all your private label needs

Make success happen

Dedicated work and the precision, highly trained and skillful staff, intolerance to any kind of negligence is the philosophy of our company. And we are always flexible because we understand your needs.

In need of a reliable partner?

Our vision is to allow our customers in Russia and Eastern Europe, Baltic states in CIS to access a maximum variety of hproducts, especially those they are unable to get anywhere else. We believe that letting our buyers to have all they need under one roof is going to make SV even more strong partner for both buyers and suppliers.